About Ali Baba

We deliver at AlibabaIn 1999, Ali Baba opened in South San Francisco and in 2011 announced the opening of its new and larger location. On the outside, graceful arches hint at the exotic promises one will find inside. Inside, grandiose columns, guilded gold and castle type doorways provide a surrounding fit for royalty. Wrought iron and stained glass light fixtures from Egypt and Morocco evoke images of far away places.

Yet despite all the beautiful details in this counter service restaurant, it is the tantalizing jars of homemade pickles, delightful smells, and exotic trays of food tempting one behind glass that will quickly capture your attention. One bite of the beautifully presented fare, made with high quality ingredients combined with a love of the authentic, and you'll be back for more. Don't be intimidated by the unusual names or unfamiliar appearance of the dishes, as Ali Baba's courteous staff will readily help you explore the menu. Quickly you will discover that the passion for the details is not just in the fixtures. One bite of the perfectly seasoned roasted lamb kebab, crispy yet tender falafel or creamy and delicious baba ghanouj, and you'll be hooked.